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MillbrookPrimary School

"Believe Achieve Succeed"

Behaviour and Attitudes

Behaviour and Attitudes at Millbrook 


At Millbrook, praise is central to nurturing, engaging and motivating children to reach their full potential.  Throughout the school, all staff and stakeholders praise children’s positive behaviour through a variety of ways both inside and outside of the classroom. It is vital that children recognise that behaving well, being kind and embracing responsibility are the backbone of not only our school community, but of our wider community as well.



We promote and celebrate kindness in a variety of ways at Millbrook. Millbrook Manner stickers are given to any child showing great manners. This could be saying good morning, asking how someone's  day is or holding a door open. Weekly kindness certificates are awarded for children who show brilliant acts of kindness including: Looking after a child who has just fallen over, a child who has made something for another child or supporting a child in their class.



Responsibility is an important part of our school culture and we want our children to demonstrate this in and outside of school. All children have the opportunity to be responsible through our various roles across the school including: school squad, office assistants and PupilParliament. This enables our children to have a wider influence on school life and feel empowered to help and support the Millbrook community.

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