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MillbrookPrimary School

"Believe Achieve Succeed"

Building Learning Powers

'Believe, Achieve, Succeed'


Introduction to Building Learning Powers

This year at Millbrook, we have launched 'Building Learning Powers' in order to teach our pupils how to become the best learners they can be. Each term, we will be strengthening a different 'learning muscle' to build on our four key skills: Responsibility, Resourcefulness, Reflectiveness and Resilience.

We have been celebrating the children's success with building their learning powers through earning 20 class stars each term on their ‘BLP’ Rocket, for which they each receive a class reward. Additionally, children can earn merits for showing the termly learning power.



In Terms 1-3, our ‘Learning Power’ focus was on ‘Collaboration’.   There were excellent examples of children working together both within their class, year-group and even across year-groups.   The photos show Year 3 supporting Nursery during a Yoga lesson and Year Six teaching the Year Two children a dance. Every single child was involved, engaged and enjoying themselves.   Well done to Weasel and Swallowtail class for being role models for collaboration! 

Additionally, the Year 4 children enjoyed reading the story of 'Supertato' where the Veggies Unite and defeat the evil pea due to their superb collaboration.  During World Book Day, the children made their own Supertato’s!

Managing Distractions


Our Term 4 focus was on 'Managing Distractions' which included opportunities for parents to work with their children on BLP. Each year-groups topic homework grid involved a task to complete at home while managing any distractions around the house!  Mr Dwelly’s class also completed a daily checklist to monitor their progress in the classroom. 




Teachers will continue to include a Building Learning Power activity in ‘Home Learning Extra’ for Term 5, which will be based around ‘Questioning’.  Taking time to investigate questions asked by children can be a simple yet powerful way to deepen children’s thinking and connects with other learning powers such as ‘making links’ and ‘noticing’.  ‘The Philosophy Man’ website and their You Tube channel offers some thought-provoking questions to stimulate a debate.  Alternatively, enjoy one of the books below and consider some other wondrous questions about our world!