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Friday 29th January 2021

Home learning for Friday 29th January 2020 
Welcome to your 'fabulous Friday' of home learning for week 4. Well done for completing your first whole month (!!) of home learning. Reminders for today and next week: 
- TEAMS meeting at 09.30 a.m. as usual this morning. Please note: next week our meetings will be held in the afternoon each day at 02.20 p.m. and we will alternate weekly mornings/afternoons thereafter (please see Mrs. Youngman's letter explaining meetings for exact schedule.) 
- Read your book for 30 minutes as normal 
- And play TT Rockstars- all like normal! 
- This afternoon there is no formal 'lesson' - feel free to catch up on any home learning you have missed for the week or visit 'home learning extra' for more ideas. 

Subject Lesson Teacher Notes
Maths Fractions Mr Baish 

Gimme an F

Gimme an R

Gimme an A

Gimme a C

Gimme a T

Gimme an I

Gimme an O

Gimme an N

Gimme an S




Woohoo! Boo-yah! How exciting! No spoilers, but I do use the word 'fraction' in the video. And 'erm' a few times. Enjoy!

Guided Read Interpreting chapter 4 Miss Langley Lesson title sounds a bit 'woolly' but it makes sense in the video, honest! 
Science Dissolving sugar experiment Miss Langley Miss Langley's famous, 'high tech' experiments continue! For this one it is useful to have five glasses, some water, a few teaspoons and a lot of sugar! 
Spelling Test Miss Langley Video test of your spellings this week. 

Year Five Maths 29.01.21

Today we will convert fractions to decimals, OMG how exciting and incredible lol!

Thinking about chapter 4

Dissolving sugar experiment

Spelling test week 4