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MillbrookPrimary School

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Millbrook's Geography Learning Journey Road Map

Being a Geographer


A geographer is someone who studies the Earth and its land, features, and inhabitants.  They study the physical or human geographic characteristics or both of a region, ranging in scale from local to global.


At Millbrook, through preserving subject integrity, we ensure that the children understand explicitly that they are learning geographical knowledge and skills, and are being ‘Geographers’ within a lesson and sequence of lessons. 


At Millbrook, our Geography offer begins with the core knowledge and skills set out in the National Curriculum, which is taught through the three key strands of:


• Location and Place Knowledge

• Human and Physical Geography

• Geography Skills and Fieldwork


Alongside these core strands and in line with our curriculum drivers, we place great value on ensuring that our children learn, understand, value and appreciate:


• How to help protect the world

• The differences between people across the world

• How and where people live


Our Geography curriculum is further enriched through class and year group discussions and assemblies, where pupils are provided with the opportunity to make links with; discuss and reflect on naturally-occurring events or topical issues that are happening around the world. These opportunities broaden children’s geographical knowledge; develop their understanding of the impact of such events on others and highlight their rights and responsibilities to other people and the environment.




Through our Geography curriculum offer, children are provided with a range of first-hand experiences to bring Geography to life. These include: the opportunity to complete fieldwork, map-work and problem-solving activities in the local area; taking part in a variety of trips and visits linked to the core concepts being taught, and listening to inspirational visiting speakers, such a volcanologists and conservationists.  Where appropriate, high-quality texts are also woven through our Geography curriculum to supplement and enhance children’s learning, for example studying the work of David Attenborough in the preservation of the rainforest.

Geography Curriculum Matrix

Geography 'Big Six' Vocabulary

Geography Leadership Team

Layer 1: National Curriculum Objectives and Coverage

Layer 2 - Geography Skills and Knowledge Progression

Year Five's Geography trip to the Living Rainforest, May 2022

How to make a Mini Rainforest (Terrarium)

Year Five built their own terrarium at the beginning of their unit on rainforests, thanks to this 'how to' video from Mr Baish and Freddie!