Welcome back to Term Five! We hope you had a lovely Easter holiday!

MillbrookPrimary School

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Getting Involved

Getting Involved!


Parents and grandparents are most welcome to come into the Nursery to help once their child has settled. 


We would love you to come in and share any skills that you have, in order to enhance their experience in Nursery.  Should you be interested in visiting us and sharing any talents or skills that you may have, ether in a small group or with the class, please do let us know as we would love to hear from you!


Listed below are some examples of how you could support our learning in school:


  • Read stories to the children
  • Play an instrument, any musical talent is always appreciated.
  • Have you any computer skills (typing really fast!) the children really love to watch someone’s fingers fly across the key-board all those words coming up on the screen.
  • Are you a carpenter? Children love woodwork and using tools and any help in our garden is always gratefully received.
  • Are you a brick layer? The children love building using a variety of materials.
  • Can you knit or sew by hand or do you use a sewing machine? Either by hand or on a machine, again the children don’t often see someone sewing.
  • Can you help us in the garden? Helping to weed, help with planting of seeds and bulbs, painting the fence etc.
  • Do you have an interesting job or hobby that you could share with our children?


Please note that the use of mobile phones is not permitted in the classroom or outdoor area while the Nursery is in session.