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Home Learning - WB 06.01.21

Ms Jones' and Mrs Noyes and Ms Newcomb's Spelling Group - 06.01.21-08.01.21

Friday 8th January 2021


Happy Friday! Today's work is listed below!

Lesson Task
English Boxing up our WAGOLL and turning it into note form.
Maths Continuing multiplication
Guided Reading Friday is class novel time so settle down to listen to Chapter One of 'The Enchanted Wood' by Enid Blyton.
Spelling Ms Jones' group and Mrs Noyes and Ms Newcomb's group need to continue with the PowerPoint above and Miss Wood's group need to watch the video below and play the game with the 'ur' and 'or' sounds.
History Introduction to The Romans and finding out why The Romans invaded Britain.


MBK Year 3 English 08.01.21

Below are the sheets you need to complete your work. You will need your WAGOLL from yesterday, these are still under yesterday's video if you need them! Please make sure you are using the WAGOLL that is the correct colour level for you!

MBK year 3 maths 08 01 21

Here is the link you'll need for the rest of your learning:

MBK Year 3 Guided Reading 08.01.21

MBK Year 3 Miss Wood's Phonics Group 08.01.21

MBK Year 3 History 08.01.21

The link for the video is below:

Thursday 7th January 2021


Good morning! Today's work is as follows:

Subject Task
English Text marking an instruction text and looking at the features of instruction writing
Maths Continuing multiplication
Guided Reading Unpicking the blurb of 'Escape from Pompeii'

Ms Jones' group and Mrs Noyes and Ms Newcomb's group will continue with the PowerPoint above.

Miss Wood's group will be learning the 'ur' phoneme.

Art Introduction to Hokusai's life and work and creating shades and tints.
Spanish Learning the objects in a pencil case.


MBK Year 3 English 07.01.21

Please select your challenge level and either print out the document to highlight the features or download it and highlight them on word.


If you are unable to do either of these, there is a grid below (English Text Feature Grid) you can draw this on a piece of paper and create a list of all of the features. E.g. under the punctuation heading you can write all the punctuation that you see.

MBK Year 3 Maths 07.01.21

MBK Year 3 Guided Reading 07.01.21

MBK Year 3 Miss Wood's Phonics Group 07.01.21

MBK Year 3 Art 07.01.21

MBK Year 3 Spanish 07.01.21

To hear the Spanish pronunciations, you need to click on the words on the slides. 

Wednesday 6th January 2021


Good morning! Your learning tasks today are:

  • English with Miss Wood
  • Maths with Ms Jones
  • Guided Reading with Miss Wood
  • Spelling in your spelling groups - if you are in either Ms Jones' spelling group or in Mrs Noyes and Ms Newcomb's spelling group then your work for the WEEK is on the PowerPoint above. If you are in Miss Wood's spelling group there is a video below.
  • Geography with Ms Jones

Please check under the videos for any work that needs to be completed. Children will know what colour group they are in - these are based off of their table colours in school.


MBK Year 3 English 06.01.21

MBK Year 3 Maths 06.01.21

MBK Year 3 Miss Wood's Phonics Group 06.01.21

MBK Year 3 Guided Reading 06.01.21

MBK Year 3 Earthquakes 06.01.21