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Home Learning W/B 11.01.21

Terrific Thursday! What's on today:


Subject Task

Starter - Watch the 'perilous' clip

Main task - Understanding vocabulary - 'wise'


Multiply by 10, 100, 1 and 0

Identifying patterns

Guided Reading

"Tutankhamun's Tomb - I was there."

Listen to Chapter 2, Part 1


Complete worksheet - Suffixes Task 2

(Watch yesterday's teaching video if you need a recap.

The video explains what are Suffixes, root words, word families and prefixes.)

Computing Digital Etiquette - Netiquette


English - 14.01.21
Spelling 14.01.21

Yr4 Maths 14 01 21

Multiply by 10,100,1 and 0Factor & MultiplesIdentifying Patterns

Guided reading - 14.01.21 - Tutankhamun's tomb - Chapter 2

Yr 4 Computing 14 01 21


Wonderful Wednesday!  What's on today:


Subject Task

Word families, root words and suffixes

Complete worksheet - Suffixes Task 1 (Suffixes Task 2 on Thursday)


Representations of Multiplying by 10

Place Value Grid, Bar Model and Number line 


Stating your opinion

Understanding vocabulary

Guided Reading

"Tutankhamun's Tomb - I was there."

ERIC activity



How does the mass of an object affect how much force is needed to make it move?

Taking photos of your investigation is preferable to formal recording in this lesson.  We want you to focus on the skills of being scientists!


Spelling -13.01.21 - Suffixes

Yr 4 Maths 13 01 12

Place Value Grid, Bar model & Number line x 10

English 13.01.21

Guided Reading 13.01.21

Science 13.01.21

Terrific Tuesday! What's on today:

Subject Task

What is a fable? What is a moral?

Practise reading fables with expression and fluency.


Multiplying by 10

Make a Place Value Concertina

Guided Reading ERIC video task
Spelling Secret Code Activity
Music What is rhythm? Learn to read musical notation for longer notes and shorter notes.


English 12.01.21

Yr 4 Maths 12 01 21

Multiplying by 10

Music 12.01.21

Magnificent Monday!  What's on today:


Subject Task
English Anecdotes - what would you put in Room 101 and why?
Maths Multiplication - Introduction and representations
Guided Reading ERIC activity
Spelling Smart phone spelling activity

Video lesson from Mr Chadwick.


If you prefer, your PE lesson could be with Jo Wicks, as he will be leading 30-minute workouts live at 9am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Alternatively, you can watch the videos at time which suits you by visiting his YouTube channel.

Topic catch-up time

Do you have any unfinished work from last week?   The three topic lessons (History and Geography) will be important building blocks for the rest of the topic so please ensure you have completed these three lessons.


Have you sent in any work to our year group email address:  If you haven't, please use this time to share your work with your teacher.


You could also complete some extra topic research if you have time (scroll down for our website recommendation).


English - 11.01.21

Yr 4 Maths 11 01 21

Multiplication 1

PE with Mr Chadwick or Jo Wicks - 11.01.21
Catch-up time for Topic - 11.01.21