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Home learning WB:25.1.21

Good morning on Friday 29th January, 'Catch Up Friday'.

Please do your lessons for today and then spend the rest of your day catching up on anything you have missed from the week.  Great work this week, Badgers and Butterflies!


If you have time this afternoon, or over the weekend, go for a nature walk near to your house.  We will be investigating our local environment in science next week, so you could get a head start!  It is also the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch weekend, so you could look for and count the birds in your area or garden.  (See RSPB website for more details.)


English with Mrs Sanhotra Creating our story map
Guided reading with Mrs Sillifant How to change the world...
Maths with Mrs Batterton Problem-solving
Mrs Ridgway's Phonics' group Practising 'ee'
Mrs Battterton's Phonics group Tricky word spellings
Mrs S and Mrs S Phonics

-ful and -ly sentences



Year 2 English 29.01

Mapping out innovated stories.

Story map template.

Guided reading for Friday 29th

Phonics 29.01

Today we will be creating sentences with the -ful suffix and then rearranging our sentences to start with an adverb (-ly suffix).

Maths 29 .1. 21

Please forward past the first 30 seconds of this video. My perfected version failed to upload! Thank you. S.B.

Year 2 English 27.01

Today we are going to be thinking about key ideas that we want to include within our innovated stories.

Year 2 Phonics 27.01

Today we will be creating families of words (-ly and -ful)

Phonics Wk 3 L3 ee

Phonics Mrs B Wk 3 L3

Guided reading Wednesday 27th Jan

Maths Wednesday 27th

Art with Mrs Hinder

Guided reading Tuesday 26th

Year 2 26.01

Year 2 Phonics 26.01

Adding the -ly suffix

Mrs B's Plurals lesson

Mrs Ridgway's group

Phonics ai activity

Maths Tuesday 26th Jan

Guided reading Monday 25th

Maths Monday 25th January

Using facts from the 5 x table

Computing session 2

Trusted adults

Year 2 English 25.01

Today we are going to see how much we know about the story before starting to plan our innovated stories this week.

Year 2 Phonics 25.01

Our focus today is on adding the suffix -ful.

Mrs Ridgway's group

Mrs B's group: Plurals