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Home learning week 05.01.21

Thursday 7th January 


Good morning Year 2! 


Lessons for today:

  • Maths with Mrs Sillifant
  • English with Mrs Sanhotra
  • Phonics (Mrs Sillifant and Mrs Sanhotra's group)
  • Guided Reading with Mrs Sillifant
  • History with Mrs Sanhotra


Have a brilliant day and we hope you enjoy your lessons!


Mrs Sanhotra, Mrs Sillifant and Mrs Batterton 

History activity 07.01.21

Year 2 History 07 01 21

Today we will be historians and investigate The Great Fire of London. We will be generating questions and finding out answers.

Year 2 English 07 01 21

Let's read the story and see if our predictions were right!

Guided Reading session 2 Thursday 7th January

We find out what happens in the story!

Phonics Thursday 7th Jan

Mrs S and Mrs S group!

Maths session 2 Thursday 7th

Time- seconds, minutes, hours

Maths activity -Thursday 7th January

Maths activity (extension) Thursday 7th January

Year 2 English 06 01 21

An introduction to our new text. Let's start predicting!

Activity for R.E lesson 1

Maths 6.1. 21

Time Lesson 1

Religious Education Session 1

Celebrating the New Year with a focus on the Jewish festival of Rosh Hashanah.

Guided Reading session 1

An introduction to our new Guided Reading book - The Squirrels Who Squabbled