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Home learning week 05.01.21

Good morning Year 2 cheeky Here are your lessons for Friday 8th January...


Subject Task
Phonics - Mrs Sillifant and Mrs Sanhotra's group Past and present tense
Phonics - Mrs Batterton's group Trigraph 'ear'
Guided reading with Mrs Sillifant What was your favourite part of the story?
English with Mrs Sanhotra Mapping the story
Maths with Mrs Sillifant Telling the time - o'clock
Science with Mrs Sanhotra Habitats


Year 2 English 08 01 21

Today we will be mapping out the story of 'Vlad and The Great Fire of London'.

Year 2 Science 08.01.21

Recapping on habitats from Term 2 and focusing on the needs of an animal of our choice.

Guided reading task - Friday 8th January

Phonics Mrs B

Mrs Batterton's Phonics group: Spring 1 Wk 1 Lesson 1 ear

Phonics Friday 8th January

Mrs S and Mrs S group!

Maths session 3 Friday 8th January

Telling time - o'clock

Thursday 7th January 


Good morning Year 2! 


Lessons for today:

  • Maths with Mrs Sillifant
  • English with Mrs Sanhotra
  • Phonics (Mrs Sillifant and Mrs Sanhotra's group)
  • Guided Reading with Mrs Sillifant
  • History with Mrs Sanhotra


Have a brilliant day and we hope you enjoy your lessons!


Mrs Sanhotra, Mrs Sillifant and Mrs Batterton 



Maths session 2 Thursday 7th

Time- seconds, minutes, hours

Time Activity for Thursday 7th

Time activity (Extension) Thursday 7th

Phonics Thursday 7th Jan

Mrs S and Mrs S group!

Guided Reading session 2

We find out what happens in the story!

History activity 07.01.21

Year 2 History 07 01 21

Today we will be historians and investigate The Great Fire of London. We will be generating questions and finding out answers.

Year 2 English 07 01 21

Let's read the story and see if our predictions were right!

Maths 6.1. 21

Time Lesson 1

Year 2 English 06 01 21

An introduction to our new text. Let's make some predictions!

Activity for R.E lesson 1

Guided Reading session 1

An introduction to our new Guided Reading book - The Squirrels Who Squabbled

Religious Education Session 1

Celebrating the New Year with a focus on the Jewish celebration of Rosh Hashanah.