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Home learning week beginning Monday 11th January

Home learning- Friday 15th January 2021
It's fabulous Friday! Can you believe we have completed two weeks of home learning already?! Doesn't time fly when you're having fun?!! Remember to read for 20-35 minutes of your day and continue to play on TT Rockstars too. Also remember your afternoon is now a 'catch up' session- so if you missed Miss Langley's incredibly brilliant Spanish lesson or need extra time for your Science today, now is your opportunity. Alternatively, the delightful Joe Wicks is back with his PE lessons, Mr Chadwick has also uploaded his own PE lessons to 'home learning extra,' alongside Mr Campbell's fabulous music lesson (which is MUCH better than Miss Langley's!) and even a Forest School session for you to try! 

Thank you to everyone that has sent us in examples of your learning to We have been so impressed by the standard and dedication you have shown- keep the examples coming! 

Subject Lesson Teacher Notes
Science Properties of Materials Miss Langley It is useful but not essential to have the following to enhance your learning for this lesson: a wooden spoon, a can of soft drink (aluminium,) a nail (made of iron,) a glass object, small plastic bag of sugar, fridge magnet. 
English Writing our poem Mr Baish We're writing our Indian contrast poem today!
Spelling Test week 2 words Miss Langley Pause button at the ready! 
Guided Read ERIC questions Miss Langley  
Catch up afternoon N/A N/A Activity of your choice- see above for suggestions :) 

Year Five English 15 01 20

Writing our Indian Contrast Poem

Science properties of materials

Spelling test week 2

Guided Read ERIC questions

Home learning- Thursday 14th January 2021
Home learning tasks for year 5 for Thursday. Remember to read for 20-35 minutes of your day (broken down into shorter sessions if you wish) and continue to play TT rockstars. Please e-mail in any work, queries or comments to 
Subject Lesson Teacher Notes
Maths Division Mr Baish Another practice at short division fluency
Guided Read Author word choice Miss Langley may be a helpful resource today
English Creating poetic devices Mr Baish Feel free to use examples from the WAGOLL! :)
Spelling Acrostic poetry N/A See PPT slide for explanation 
RE Islam- the mosque in daily life Miss Langley Please also see video below 

Year Five Maths 14 01 21

Short Division Fluency

Year Five English 14 01 20

Today we're creating our own bank of poetic techniques to use in our longer poems next week.

Guided read author word choice

Spelling task- Thursday

How does the Mosque influence daily life for Muslims

Home learning- Wednesday 13th January 2020 
Welcome to our wonderful Wednesday of home learning! We hope you enjoy the activities for today. Please remember to send us some examples of your work on or let us know if there is anything else you need help with. 
Subject Lesson Teacher Notes
Maths Division Mr Baish  
English Finding and creating poetic devices Mr Baish  
Guided Read Re-imagining a scene from 'Skunk and Badger' Miss Langley Choice of three creative tasks
Spelling Missing vowels N/A See PPT slide
Spanish Parts of the Face Miss Langley See YouTube video underneath video

Year Five Maths 13 01 20

Lesson 1 - Short Division

Year Five English 13 01 20

Finding poetic devices within a poem - AND A GREAT POEM AT THAT LOL GREAT WORK MR BAISH!

Guided read the breakfast scene

Spelling task- Wednesday

Parts of the face- Spanish

Home learning Tuesday 12th January 2021 
Year 5 home learning for this terrific Tuesday! 

Parents please note: both Miss Langley, Mr Baish and the rest of the year 5 team can now be contacted on Please send us examples of work (we love to see them!) alongside any queries, comments or questions you may have. 

Subject Task Taught by Notes
Guided Reading AR quizzing preparation Miss Langley Please watch this video first today as it will set up some ongoing reading tasks for the term. 
Maths Multiplication problem solving and reasoning Miss Langley  
English Writing a Cinquain poem Mr Baish Let's write some poetry! Yeah poetry is ace!
Spelling Word sorting  Miss Langley  
Geography Locating Indian cities Mr Baish D'oh sorry guys I ran out of time at the end of the video! I didn't get to say, 'Have a great day!'
Remember to play TT rockstars
Reading: 20-35 minutes throughout the day. 

AR quizzing how to

Multiplication problem solving and reasoning

Year Five English 12 01 20

Creating a cinquain poem about something or somewhere in India

Spelling sort

Geography 1 - Locate India and its cities

Home learning for Monday 11th January 2021 
Welcome to home learning for this marvellous Monday! This week will be a mix of videos from Mr Baish and Miss Langley. Outlined below are the home learning tasks for the day and which teacher will be delivering them. We would love to see your work- please e-mail us at 
Subject Task Teacher Any other notes
Maths Further multiplication (short method) Miss Langley Four different lessons in one- choose your level (explained in the video.) 
Guided Reading Listen to chapter 2 of 'Skunk and Badger' Miss Langley  
English Diary entry Mr Baish  
Spelling Spelling task Mr Baish  
Music Indian instruments  Miss Langley Please note you will need to make use of the YouTube links posted directly underneath the video

Further Multiplication short method

Year Five English 11 01 20

Writing a diary entry from the point of view of Mark Twain, having visited the Taj Mahal and an Indian shanty town (contrast, yeah?)

Skunk and Badger chapter 2

Year Five Spelling Week 1 Lesson 1

This week, we are learning the spelling pattern of 'cial/tial' and 'le'

Indian instruments 2