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MillbrookPrimary School

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Modern Foreign Language

'Believe Achieve Succeed'

Being an international speaker



At Millbrook, we are focused on supporting our pupils to become ‘international speakers’; enabling them to become more proficient communicators and to lay the foundations for, and ignite enjoyment in future language learning.  Most importantly, through our Modern Foreign Languages curriculum, we aim to grow children’s curiosity and appreciation of the multi-lingual and multi-cultural world around them. 


"Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom."    

Roger Bacon


At Millbrook, we ensure that children are introduced to our chosen language, French, in a fun, active and enjoyable way, so that they are engaged and excited about learning a new language.  This is done through the implementation of a multi-sensory and kinaesthetic approach to teaching which includes games, role play and songs. Where possible, confident French speakers into are invited into school to enrich the children’s experience and provide an excellent model of the spoken language. 


Our French curriculum in Key Stage 2 is designed so that children build the key skills of spoken language, listening, reading and writing progressively, extending their knowledge of how the language works and helping pupils explore differences and similarities between the target language and English. In Nursery, Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, although the teaching of languages is not statutory, children are provided with the opportunity to “taste” new languages through story, songs and rhymes, in daily routines (for example answering the register in a variety of languages).  This ensures that the enjoyment of learning a new language is embedded as children start school.


Our curriculum is further enhanced through exciting whole school enrichment days, such as an ‘International Day’ where children learnt about a wide variety of countries and joined in with a samba dance and drumming workshop.  Extra-curricular clubs and activities with a local Vale Academy Trust secondary school, for example Year 6 language transition events, also provide a deepening of children’s knowledge and understanding of the language and its cultural traditions.