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Monday 25th January 2021

Home learning Year 5 Monday 25th January 2021 
Welcome to your 'Marvellous Monday' of home learning! How is it week 4 already?!! Reminders for today: 
- Our daily live class meeting on TEAMS is at 09.30 a.m. 

- You need to read for 20-35 minutes today 
- Please play TT Rockstars as it will really helps with your Maths (fractions) for the next couple of weeks 
- It is really important you look at the ICT video and PPT slides today as they include vital information on e-safety (including within our TEAMS meetings.) Parents, we would be grateful if you could view the video/discuss the slides with your child and help them come up with their own 'safety action plan.' 


Subject Lesson Teacher Notes 
ICT/PSHE E-safety Miss Langley Parents: please support your child to watch this video and go through the PPT slides with them. If possible, please spend some time creating an 'e-safety plan' alongside them. 
Maths Fractions Mr Baish We would have been using chocolate for this lesson, but we can't send it online, so Mr Baish has eaten it all. Unlucky. Sorry.
Guided Read Listen to chapter 4 of 'Skunk and Badger' Miss Langley   
English WAGOLL- find the features Miss Langley Three options for this task depending on technology available to you: 
a) Print the document and colour code (if you have a printer) 
b) If you have access to Microsoft Word, highlight the text in a word document 
c) If you have neither, write down some examples and ideas. 
Spelling New word lists for the week N/A Sometimes the PPT does not display well (especially on phones and iPads!) so I have just included the word lists for the week. Choose either set 1 or set 2. 


Year Five Maths 25 01 21 - Ordering Fractions

Oh no! I've just noticed at 3.25 I accidentally got numerator and denominator the wrong way round! I am very sorry and OBVIOUSLY this was just a quick test to see if you were paying attention, heh!

E safety video for year 5

Skunk and Badger chapter 4

WAGOLL find the features

Spelling lists for the week: 
Set 1 
-tious ending 

ambitious, cautious, fictitious, infectious, nutritious, factious, vexatious, dissentious, repetitious, overcautious 

Set 2 
-al ending 

comical, critical, fatal, final, personal, social, essential, partial, normal, magical