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Home Learning W/B 05.01.21

You will find the Year 4 home learning for Thursday and Friday by scrolling down the webpage.  

Year 4 Term 3 - Welcome back newsletter from Mrs Trinder and Mrs Donnellan!

Wonderful Wednesday!  What's on today:
Subject Task
Welcome back newsletter Celebrate our wonderful Christmas Artwork!
Topic Launch and Geography

Identify human and physical features of Egypt

Annotate a map of Egypt with key landmarks

Spelling Scrabble activity
Maths Recap of Column Addition and Subtraction

Mrs Donnellan will be reading you the story about he discovery of Tutankhamun's Tomb.

Write notes about the characters of Ali and Ahmed.

New Years Resolutions What are you hopes and dreams for 2021?

Topic Launch and Geography 06 01 21

Geography Task 06.01.21

Spelling 06.01.21

English 06.01.21 Part 1

English 06.01.21 Part 2

Yr 4 Maths Weds

Recap column addition and subtraction

Circle Time - 06.01.21

Terrific Thursday! What's on today:


Subject Task
Maths Solving Word Problems

Pyramid activity

History What is Archaeology?
English Role on the Wall 
Reading ERIC Activity


Yr 4 Maths 07 01 21

Solving Word Problems

Spelling 07.01.21

Yr 4 English 07 01 21

Role on the Wall

Reading - 07.01.21

Fantastic Friday! What's on today:

NEW! Added copies of PDF resources in response to issues downloading on some devices. Please choose the option which works best for you.

Subject Task
Maths Challenge Friday! A knotty problem...
English Using details from Chapter 1 draw a journey map for Ali and Ahmed

When did Ancient Egyptians live?

Recount/comic strip Howard Carter's discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb

Spelling Rainbow Roll and Write Activity
Reading Practise ERIC skills by answering questions on a video clip

Yr 4 Maths 08 01 21

Challenge Friday!

Yr 4 English 08 01 21

Journey Map

History 08 01 21

Comic Strip the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb

Reading 08.01.21 - Task 1

Some children may have already seen the Task 1 video and questions in school.  If this is a repeat activity, please instead choose Task 2 below.