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Home Learning - WB 11.01.21

Ms Jones' group and Mrs Noyes' group spelling - 11.01.21 - 15.01.21

Friday 15th January 2020


Today's home learning is:

Lesson Task
English Boxing Up plan for our instruction text.
Maths Multiplication and division.
Guided Reading The next chapter of 'The Enchanted Wood'.
Spelling Miss Wood's group below and the other groups are above.
Afternoon It's Catch Up Friday! Any work that you have missed you can catch up with this afternoon or you can look at the Home Learning Extra page and choose any activity from that such as, PE, Music or Forest School!


MBK Year 3 English 15.01.21

MBK Year 3 Maths 15.01.21

MBK Year 3 Guided Reading 15.01.21

MBK Year 3 Miss Wood's Phonics Group 15.01.21

Thursday 14th January  
maths Doubling and Halving
Spelling Miss Woods phonics or please see power-points above
English Adverbials II
Reading Escape from Pompeii- Understanding characters
Science Exploring rocks ( sorry moved from Friday )


MBKyear 3 maths 14 1 21

MBK Year 3 English 14.01.21

MBK Year reading 14

MBK Year 3 Miss Wood's Phonics Group 14.01.21

MBK Year 3 science 14 1 21


Wednesday 13th January  
Maths  4 x table revision. division facts and problem solving
English Time adverbials
spelling Miss Wood's group below
Reading interpreting Escape from Pompeii 
History Roman Britain


MBK Year 3 maths 13 1 21

MBK Year 3 English 13.01.21

MBK Year 3 Reading 13 1 21

MBK Year 3 Miss Wood's Phonics Group 13.01.21

MBK Year 3 History 13 1 21

Tuesday 12th January 2021

Tuesday 12th December


Doubling and halving. 

Learning the 4 x tables

English Sequencing events

Phonics group video

Other groups please see the powerpoint above

Reading Escape to Pompeii- the story begins
Geography What causes earthquakes?


MBK Year 3 Maths 12.01.21

MBK Year 3 English 12.01.01

MBK Year 3 Miss Wood's Phonics Group 12.01.21

MBK Year 3 Guided Reading 12.01.21

MBK Year 3 Geography 12.01.21

Monday 11th January 2021


Today's learning is as follows:

Monday 11th January  
Maths Deriving and using division facts for the 3 x tables
Guided Reading An introduction to Flotsam (a picture book)
Spelling Each group has its own work. For Ms Jones' group and Mrs Noyes' group the work is a PowerPoint for the week. Miss Wood's is a daily phonics video.
English Looking at different types of sentences.
RE Understanding how the prophecies in the Old Testament foretold Christ's birth.


MBK Year 3 Maths 11.01.21

Division facts for the 3x tables

MBK Year 3 Guided Reading 11.01.21

Flotsam by David Wiesner

MBK Year 3 Miss Wood's Phonics Group 11.01.21

Miss Wood's Phonics

MBK Year 3 English 11.01.21

Instructions lesson 4

Please look at the Guided Reading work for the Flotsam story.

MBK Year MBK Year 3 RE 11.01.21

How the birth of Jesus was predicted.