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Home Learning - WB 18.01.21

Ms Jones' and Mrs Noyes' Spelling Group 18.01.21 - 22.01.21

Finally it's Friday 22nd January

maths division with remainders
English final edit and neat copy
spelling phonics or spelling games
reading chapter 4 of The Enchanted Tree
  Catch up Friday 


MBK year 3 maths 22 1 21

MBK Year 3 Miss Wood's Phonics 22.01.21

MBK Year 3 English 22.01.21

MBK Year 3 story 2

Thursday 21st January

maths  grid multiplication lesson 2. sorry the end of the video was cut !
English continue writing
spelling phonics or activity above
reading How does the writer grab the reader's attention?
science Which rock is best?


MBK year 3 maths 21 1 21

MBK Year 3 English 21.01.21

MBK year 3 reading 21 1 21

MBK Year 3 Miss Wood's Phonics Group 21.01.21

MBK Year 3 science 21 1 21

Wonderful Wednesday!

Maths Sorry due to the science conference no video today. Instead consolidation activities.
English Writing the next section of our instructions
Spelling Phonics with Miss Wood or activities above
Reading How does an author makes a story exciting?
Geography Mountains and trenches
assembly optional whole school assembly


Maths activities

Silver, blue, red and orange- multiples of ten
Yellow + green

Multiplication square jigsaw. If you find it too easy you could cut it up a bit more.


Shape x shape challenge

MBK Year 3 English 20.01.21

MBK Year 3 Miss Wood's Phonics Group 20.01.21


MBK Year 3 Geography 20 1 21

Mountain around the world

Stephen Hawking Special People Assembly

Tuesday 18th January 2021


Below is the work for today:

Lesson Task
English Staring to write our instruction text.
Maths Introduction of the grid method.
Guided Reading Looking at the author's language choice and how it creates emotion.
Spelling Miss Wood's group below, Ms Jones' and Mrs Noyes' above.
RE How Christians view Jesus.


MBK Year 3 English 19.01.21

MBK Year 3 Maths 19.01.21

MBK Year 3 Guided Reading 19.01.21

MBK Year 3 Miss Wood's Phonics Group 19.01.21

MBK Year 3 RE 19.01.21

Monday 18th January 2020


Happy Monday! We hope you have had a relaxing and enjoyable weekend. The work for today is below:

Lesson Task
English Using drama to tell our instructions.
Maths Reasoning about mutiplication.
Guided Reading Investigating Roman life and what they did for fun.
Spelling Miss Wood's Group needs to go to the video below and Ms Jones' and Mrs Noyes' Group need to go to the document above.
Art Looking at complementary colours and the impact they have on paintings.


MBK Year 3 English 18.01.21

MBK Year 3 Maths 18.01.21

MBK Year 3 Guided Reading 18.01.21

MBK Year 3 Miss Wood's Phonics Group 18.01.21

MBK Year 3 Art 18.01.21