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Long Jump KS2

This week we are looking at Athletics and are starting with jumping. Follow the tips carefully and enjoy! Mr C

Long Jump KS1

Basketball Part 2 KS2

In this video we will extend beyond the ways we looked at shooting last time. Also with many people back at school we will begin to run the sessions with a w...

Basketball Part 2 KS1

This week we will be recapping some main points of basketball and then we will take a little closer look at shooting. Again we just need cones and something ...

Primary Dance Competition

Hi all, Something a little different this week. We would like you to send in your photos of your best dance move or pose. We will then look through and choos...

KS2 Tennis

This week we will be focussing on Tennis and racket skills. Hope the weather stays nice for you all! Mr C

June Challenge

KS1 Tennis

Tennis skills video this week for all KS1. If you cant do this with a tennis racket then try some skills with another racket or bat. Enjoy!

KS1 Throwing

This time we are looking at throwing in different ways - you will need a helper!!

Trick Shot Throwing

A throwing trick shot video - try your own and show me what they are like!

KS1 4th May

Video from week beginning 4th May. Today you will need your cones, a football and a tennis ball if possible. Hope you are all well and this good weather cont...

KS2 4th May

This is the KS2 video for week beginning 4th May. You will need an tennis ball, football and some cones this week. I hope the nice weather continues for you!...

KS2 Basketball/Netball

Our first video looking at throwing, dribbling and shooting. You may need a helper!

KS2 PE 30/03

Hi all, This is the first PE video for all children in KS2. Have a go and have fun! (Apologies about the sound quality, it was very windy and my first attemp...

KS1 PE 30/03 - Kicking

This is the first video for KS1 children to try! Have fun! (Apologies about the sound quality. It was very windy and my first attempt!)