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Thursday - 21.01.21

Terrific Thursday!  What's on today:


Subject Task
Guided reading

Listen to Chapter 4

Write a prediction

Computing Mindful Messaging
English Write your persuasive letter to Crow
Spelling Past tense verbs activity
Science What are Contact and Non Contact Forces?


English 21.01.21

Guided Reading 21.01.21

Sorry I have cut off my head in this teaching video!

After listening to Chapter 4, write some predictions for what you think will happen in Chapter 5.

Guided Reading - 21.01.21 - Writing predictions - Tutankhamun's Tomb, Chapter 4

Spelling 21.01.21

Watch Wednesday's teaching video about Past Tense verbs if you haven't seen it yet.

Then complete Bronze (D), Silver (E), or Gold (GD) in the attached document; answers are on page 5. 

Science 21 01 21

What are contact and non-contact forces?

Science 21.01.21

Apologies, due to my laptop going into power saving mode during the recording, I ran out of time in the last minute!

The last slide asked you to think about what forces are acting on someone who is swimming.

I look forward to seeing the ways you found to demonstrate the forces and hope you enjoyed the lesson!