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Tuesday - 26.01.21

Terrific Tuesday!  What's on today:

Please ensure you have completed the E-safety lesson about Netiquette as your first priority today. There will be no Guided Reading timetabled for today to give you more time to complete this.  Click the link below to watch the video.


Subject Task
Maths Problem Solving with Multiplication
9.50 - 10.05: Live Meeting Click the link sent separately via Epraise/Teams and join our Live Meeting.

Speech punctuation

What did the animals say to Crow when he got home?



Practising past tense words (regular '-ed' endings and irregular endings)

Computing Writing a Good Email


English 26.01.21

Unfortunately, Mrs Donnellan's English video finished just before her final slide, which is copied below.  It explains different forms of dialogue.   The task is also below and in 'English resources'.


Maths 26.01.21

Problem Solving with Multiplication