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Wednesday - 20.01.21

Wonderful Wednesday!

Don't forget to stay active!

We haven't timetabled PE for you this week, but we would highly recommend you include some physical activity in your week!

Jo Wicks is leading 30-minute workouts live at 9am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Alternatively, you can watch the videos at time which suits you by visiting his YouTube channel.

Try to include three 30-minute sessions per week; this could include a Jo Wicks workout, a walk, a ball skills activity or a cycle ride.  You could also join in with Mr Chadwick's videos on the Home Learning Extra page on our website - click the link below to view his videos.

What's on today:
Subject Task
Guided Reading

"I was there - Tutankhamun's Tomb"

Chapter 3

Listen and story map


Short Multiplication 2

3-digit x 1-digit numbers


Planning your persuasive letter to Crow

Adding evidence for your 3 reasons


Past tense verbs teaching video

Past tense verbs activity


Rhythm Lesson 2

Recap full beat notes and half beat notes.

Learn about musical notation for two beat notes.

Guided Reading - 20.01.21 - Tutankhamen's Tomb - Chapter 3

Maths 20 01 21

Short Multiplication3-digit x 1-digit numbers

English 20.01.21

Spelling 20.01.21

Apologies for Dudley the dog interrupting this video!

Music - 20.01.21