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Wednesday 27th January 2021

Wednesday 27th January 2021 
Welcome to wonderful Wednesday of home learning! Reminders for today: 
- There is NO TEAMS meeting this morning. This is because Mr Baish and Miss Langley are in a TEAMS meeting themselves that lasts for 7 hours (all in a row! surprise They are going to be very tired this evening!) Our meetings will resume at 09.30 a.m. tomorrow (Thursday.) 
- Please read for 30 minutes today as normal. You all should have received your new book bands if you completed the STAR reading test so if you are swapping books and it's at all possible, choose a book from your new decimal range (look up a book before buying on to check it's at the right level for you!) 
- Play TT Rockstars as normal 

Subject Lesson Teacher Notes
Maths Fractions Mr Baish  More practice today on equivalent fractions - sorry the video was a bit rushed towards the end; I didn't realise how much time I had left. D'oh! Will talk about Rachel Riley less next time...
Guided Read Predicting word meanings Miss Langley   
English Writing paragraph 1 of our setting description Miss Langley  The lesson is in two sections: the first part is writing and the second is editing/improving. It should take 45-60 minutes in total. 
Spelling Silly sentences! N/A Task explained in slide 
PSHE Dealing with difficult emotions Mr Baish What to do when someone winds you up... like the time on Boxing Day when Mr Baish sent me a WhatsApp message to gloat that Arsenal had beaten Chelsea... that kind of thing! 


Year Five Maths 27.01.21

We'll be practising equivalent fractions today. Ooh yay! :)

Predicting word meanings

Writing paragraph 1

Spelling task- writing silly sentences!

Year Five PSHE Term 3 Lesson 2 - Dealing with Feelings

Today we'll think about how we might deal with issues with other people which wind us up!