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Learning Looks and open classrooms

At Millbrook we like to give parents as many opportunities as possible to be involved in their children’s learning. One of the ways we do this is with our Learning Looks - a chance to have a look at the wonderful learning that has been taking place in your child’s classroom each month

Throughout the year, we offer parents the chance to drop into school during one of our open classrooms (dates and times can be found on the school calendar) to share and celebrate with your child. This gives parents the opportunity to look at books, displays and other pieces of work together. The teachers leave the children in charge of this session, as it is a chance for them to share what they have been learning with you!

It is not expected for parents to attend all of the learning looks/open classrooms, we offer many so that parents can have the chance to attend when convenient and we fully understand that this won’t be every time – we're not sure we could fit every parent into the classroom anyway! 


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